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As the name implies, vintage costume jewelry is old imitation jewelry. In the old days, it was worn as inexpensive alternatives to real jewelry. Vintage costume jewelry has now become collectibles and is very sought after, much more so than contemporary fashion jewelry.

I personally love vintage costume jewelry more than contemporary fashion jewelry. Vintage costume jewelry typically is better in workmanship and higher quality stones were used. I love the glamour and inexpensiveness which vintage costume fashion jewelry can offer. I also find the sentimental value attached to each piece invaluable. Behind every piece of vintage jewelry, there is a story. Each piece is unique and has been owned and loved by someone before us. It is special to the owner because it reminds her of a special someone or a memorable occasion. Vintage costume jewelry reflects the trends of the old days, as the designs are much influenced by the type of clothing worn and the material used at the time. Owning a piece of vintage jewelry is owning a piece of nostalgia.

Each piece of vintage costume jewelry is an investment in its own right. I evaluate vintage costume jewelry according to the jewel's condition, workmanship, age and the overall quality of design. For tips on how to care of your vintage costume jewelry to protect your investment, please click here.

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